Faction Template

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Faction Template

Post by Alden on Sat Feb 11, 2017 4:53 pm

Name of Faction:
Name of Leader:
Second in Command:
Population: ((50-300 Cap))
Form of Government: ((Democracy, Dictator/Absolute Monarchy, Theocracy, ect))
Supported Location: ((Small town, Religious building, Prison, Warehouse, Military base, ect))
Outposts: ((Only for larger factions with over 100 people))
Source of Supplies: ((Farming, Raiding, Scavenging, ect))
Known Actions: ((What does your group do in order to either spread fear, gain allies, gain territories, ect))
Faction Background: ((How did your faction become to be?))

Level of Hospitality: ((Ranges from "kill everyone you see!" to "gain all the allies as possible!"))
Faction Symbol: ((If any))

Other Information:

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