The Thelian Empire

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The Thelian Empire

Post by Alden on Mon Jan 16, 2017 12:49 pm

Country: The Thelian Empire
Capital City: City of Thelia
Other Major Cities: Velia, Sora, Garsonia, and Theli
Races - Majority:
Doniens are a anthropomorphic dino/reptilian species we would see as having a yoshi like appearance, however Doniens upon further study are much different from them. One major difference is the tongue mouth and food in take, Doniens have tongues which resemble more of their dino ancestors instead of a frog like tongue, still thick and long but not to that level. Also due to their ancestry they have razor sharp teeth and have no need to swallow food whole. They also have eyes that show it as well, looking more reptilian then the yoshi eyes which look more human. However like humans they do not see well in the dark and require lighting. The Doniens are known to move with being organized and strict discipline rather then charging into battle with blind honor and bloodlust, and they use military tactics and order to win their battles. Doniens are best with a sword and shield or bow and arrows, warriors and soldiers often wearing median armor in combat instead of light or heavy while archers wear light.

Races - Minority:
A race of pale skinned humans with a Nordic subculture, even mostly worshiping their own religion. The Doniens have treated them well and allowed them to continue their practices, however most Vanori are forced to compete in the gladiatorial arenas do to their Nordic culture.

A race of dark blue skinned elves, these elves were conquered by the empire and forced to become apart of it. Blueclaws throughout imperial history have been treated very poorly by the Doniens, the two groups hated each other. However tensions are finally starting to improve due to the raise of Thelian Imperial Nationalism.

Various Anthro/Beastfolk Species
Various anthro/beastfolk civilizations were conquered by the Doniens, however many were widely massacred by the imperials and no longer exist. The biggest anthro minority groups of the empire would be the Herlicans, a species of anthro great white sharks who mostly live around the island controlled by the imperials, who were allowed to live as imperial citizens((Because shark women)), however tensions between the two groups have been very poor as the Doniens mistreated them. Another is the Irverans, a species of anthropomorphic western dragons, who provided the empire with some of it's best gladiators and soldiers, but still the two groups have never seen eye to eye due to Donien mistreatment. Finally you have the Yori, a species of anthropomorphic tigers, who have been the worse treated out of the groups, and even massacred a few times, coming close to the level of the Orcs in the victem game in the empire. The group today still lives as second class citizens, have have been known for it's constant attempts of rebellion against the empire, but failing each time.

Government: Theocracy
Ruler(s)/Ruler Family: Emperor Marculius Bladesven, Co-Emperor Cauculius Hergen,
Economic System: Mixed, mostly mercantilism and capitalism
Majority Religion:
Imperialic Thelianism
Religion of the Donien, which has spread throughout the empire. It is a polytheistic religion which is similar to the Hellenic religions. One belief that stands out is that the gods choose the emperor upon birth, making the emperor the word of the gods. In this religion anyone who does not follow the word of the gods and the emperor is doomed to a afterlife of loneliness and darkness, however if you do then you go o the Isle of the Mist, or what is also known as the realm of the gods, where you spend a afterlife of prosperity and happiness.

Minority Religion:
A polytheistic religion mostly followed by the Nordic Vanori. This religion teaches respect and brotherhood. In this religion when you die a warrior you go on a path to the warrior hall, if you lived a good person but not a warrior then you go on a path into a realm of peace and prosperity, but live a life of wrong doing and crime then you enter a path to a realm of pain and coldness. This religion has been allowed by the imperial government, and has even been favored by some non-Vanori

Vokkus Cult
Followers of the cult believe that the dark lord Vokkus see's all, and will conquer all, so all just join his dark wraith, in order to be protected from it. Followers often preform sacrificial practices using both animals and intelligent creatures, ranging from humanoid, anthro, and anything else they see fit. This religion was made illegal by the imperial government, but cases of sacrificial practices preformed by the group still has guards investigating the group.

Non-Imperialic Thelianism
This religion is the same as Thelianism, but is separate from Imperialic Thelianism due to it's belief that you don't need to follow to word of the emperor or even be apart of the empire to be favored by the gods and breach the isle of the mist, it's kinda like the situation between Catholicism and Protestantism. For the longest time it was a illegal religion and has been the spark for the most devastating civil wars of imperial history, however recently the religion was legalized by the imperial government. This religion is mostly practiced by the minority groups and some Doniens, and even people outside the empire.

The worship of spirits instead of gods. This is mostly practiced by the Yori, as most Yori tend to stay away from the majority religion of Thelianism, and to stick with their roots.

Major Imports: Gold, Livestock, Various Alcohols, Crop Seeds, Copper, Gems
Major Exports: Spices, Weapons, Marble, Stone, Iron, Wine, Grapes, other Various Fruits
Quote: "The Only Good Barbarian is a Dead Barbarian"

Major Cultural Influence: Thelian Donien
Magical Uses ((If Any)): Mostly Healing Magic, some elemental
Language: Thelian
Cuisine:The Thelian Empire originates from a group of islands, known as the Imperial Isle, so much of it would consist of seafood and tropical fruits. Get in the mainland territories of the empire and it becomes more pork/beef based with various fruits vegetables and grains
Transport: Mainly by boat/ship or wagon, as well as horseback
Weapons: The imperial infantry is armed with shields and sharp swords, as well as archers and artillery  
Greetings: Usually a kiss to the wrist to your superiors or those of a high status or family, and a odd looking handshake to others.  
Superstitions: None-Thelian Imperials are one, anyone not a imperial or loyal to them is considered a barbarian. They're very xenophobic
Military Focus/Strengths:
Fortification and Discipline
The empire resembles much like the Romans, so the faction uses heavy fortification and discipline rather then blind faith and honor, causing more victories and less causalities.

Unlike the magicphobic enemies of the Verthonian Kingdom, the faction has enjoyed the advantages of having healers serve the military. This has resulted in saving more imperial lives.

Superior Artillery and Navy
The empire was birthed in islands, so they had to have a advanced fleet, which is what they accomplished. They're artillery is also said to be top rate and very advanced.
Military Weaknesses:
Lack of Calvary
Despite their well funded advanced military, the empire lacks a Calvary unit. Giving ones who do a big advantage in the battlefield

Weakness to Heavy Units
What is also lacked is a unit of heavy armed and armored units, imperial infantry is armed with one handed swords and shields with medium armor, archers are armed with a bow knife 50 arrows and light armor. Warriors with heavy armor and two handed weapons would have a easy time cutting them down like butter, however the imperials would be able to move faster

Imperial soldiers often fall victem into enemy traps

Beliefs/Religions: Multiple Gods, which choose the emperor, making the emperor equal to the gods.
Rituals: Will do soon
Festivals: Will do soon

History: Will do soon

National Oath/Pledge: Will do soon
National Flag:


Partners in Trade/Friendly


Not Good Relations

Enemies, Not in War

Mortal Enemies/Enemies in War

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