Kingdom of Verlaka

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Kingdom of Verlaka

Post by Alden on Sat Jan 28, 2017 11:13 pm

Country: Kingdom of Verlaka
Capital City: Verlaka City
Other Major Cities: Verksi, Derga, Thulo, Busia, Osliia

Races - Majority:
The Versvians are a race of anthropomorphic foxes who come in both red fox and silver fox furs. They are known to be curious creatures, preforming best with light armor and one handed weapons, or the bow, meaning they make great scouts soldiers, archers, and mercenaries. They are also known to be good with business, often getting jobs in trade. Do to their canine ancestry they have a key sense of smell and see clearly in the dark. But unlike their Yarthian counterparts they use both skill and intelligence in combat, often seeking the perfect moment to strike instead of blindly trying to kill for honor.

The Yarthians are a race of anthropomorphic black wolves. They are known the be rather aggressive and strong, often found with other members of their race like your well known wolf pact. These brutes do best with heavy armor, either going with a one handed weapon and shield, or a two handed sword or axe. They make the perfect soldiers, mercenaries, juggernauts, and overall a superior force in battle. Due to their aggressive nature they are warlike, mostly going with military and other fighting careers. Same as the Versvians they can see clearly at night and have a key sense of smell.

Races - Minority:
The Carferians are a race of anthropomorphic mountain lions, who often live around the high mountains of the kingdom. Like the Yarthians they use a code of honor and base their culture around the title of battle, however preforming it in a different way. These felines are usually either duel wield warriors, highly skilled archers like the Versvians, or sneaking deadly assassins. The Carferians have been known for their deadly assassins, giving a name to other kingdoms. Due to their feline heritage they can see very clearly in the dark, possibly even more then their canine counterparts.

A race of anthropomorphic spotted deer, who mostly live around villages around the woods. The Arthrians are most well known for their archery skill, providing the best archer force in the entire kingdom, and also know for their renounced ability to strike a good deal, whenever it be trade or personal. However they do not use their skill to hunt, being herbivores they have no need to hunt nor any desire, so they leave it up to their carnivore counterparts to do it.

Government: Absolute Monarchy
Ruler(s)/Ruler's Family: King Herloth, Queen Slara, Prince Vertor
Economic System: Traditional economy
Majority Religion:
A monotheistic religion which worships the god Hervus, which is said to be a dragon god. Followers in this religion belief Hervus is the creator of all life and worlds, and when someone dies they go through a journey across the misty sea of memories until the breach Lightmen's shore, where they are guided into a portal which leads to the afterlife.  

Minority Religion:
Vokkus Cult
Followers of the cult believe that the dark lord Vokkus see's all, and will conquer all, so all just join his dark wraith, in order to be protected from it. Followers often preform sacrificial practices using both animals and intelligent creatures, ranging from humanoid, anthro, and anything else they see fit.

Foreign Religions
Major Imports: Marble, Spices, Ruby, Gems, Weapons, Emerald, Tea
Major Exports: Lumber, Stone, Alcohol ((Ale,Mead,Rum)), Livestock
Quote: "May Hervus guide us, award our allies, and punish our enemies
Major Cultural Influence: Verlakian
Magical Uses ((If Any)): None, Magic is seen a immoral and wrong
Language: Verlakian
Cuisine: Will often be meat based, but with some dishes being vegetable and fruit based for the Athrians, and others who don't eat meat.
Transport: Usually by carriage, horseback, or on foot. Sometimes through boat.
Weapons: Light armored infantry units usually armed with sword and shield and throwing knives, heavy units armed with heavy armor and two handed axe or great sword, archers armed with light armor steel arrows and long bow while some more elite archers armed with crossbows, and cavalry armed with spears and shields.  
Greetings: They have their own form of hand shake
Superstitions: While they don't mind other anthros/beastfolk, they're very distasteful around non-anthros/non-beastfolk. Humans Elves and Orcs are often victims of harassment, and even hate crimes within the country, which is overlook by the guards as nothing. Also due to history with the Thelian Empire, Doniens have also been known to be harassed by them as, like how they are in Donien lands.

Military Focus/Strengths:
Heavy Brutish Warriors
Many warriors have a code of honor in the army, many having this as a reason to go full warrior. Many units have heavy armor and either a two handed axe, or a great sword. These units are known the be able to cut down whole squads of men before finally coming to their end.

While most Verlakian land is forest and mountain, to the south is a massive amount of plains and hills, which is perfect for horses. The military was able to have a advantage over the empire due to their cavalry.

The Verlakians have very skilled and dangerous assassins, which they can use on their enemy to retrieve enemy intelligence, assassinate enemy generals and leaders, and lure enemy soldiers into traps.

Military Weaknesses:
Lack of Magic
They do not use magic as magic is forbidden, so more soldiers will meet their deaths due to injuries. This also gives a advantage to those who have mages wizards and witches in their army.

Lack of Navy
The kingdom almost has no navy, making it rather difficult to assault by water, also giving those with big navies a advantage.

Heastrong Soldiers
While many soldiers use intelligence with strength, more decide to be arrogant head strong know it all's. For those who know what they're doing, this is a very easy thing to deal with.

History: Will do soon.

National Oath/Pledge: Will do soon.
National Flag:


Partners in Trade/Friendly


Not Good Relations

Enemies, Not in War

Mortal Enemies/Enemies in War

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